General Gallery.

Examples of my work in various scales from the tiny 6mm to magnificent 28mm!
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Some recently painted 6mm H&R Napoleonic Austrians and loads of Wars of The Roses bowmen in blue/white livery as requested. These are all for the same customer, for whom I have previously completed other liveries and am currently painting quite a lot of WoR cavalry. All of the Austrians have the yellow crest on the helmets with a very fine black line painted down the centre.

More 20mm cavalry - these are units 7 & 8 with more to follow.

More 6mm Russians - from my own collection!

More 20mm's for the collection of 'Old John'


6mm Baccus Russians.

6th February 2013 -I attempted to get some sharper close ups of the 6mm Moorish light cavalry units - still not great but hopefully better.

New images added 2nd Feb 2013 - bucket loads of ancient cavalry!  The picture shows 12 units of 'Moorish' lights, 4 units of mediums and a single unit of Spanish lights painted by me. (Note - the two units at rear are the customers supplied samples). Pictures are not great quality I'm afraid, I'll get some sharper close ups later and add here.

Also more Marlburians - this will be Borthwick's regiment.

*Latest pictures - 17th January 2013. 'Murray's Scots'. 20mm Les Higgins figures.

18mm AB Napoleonics - Young Guard.

20mm metal ECW cavalry.

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