Friday, 21 September 2012

May 2015 - Current commissions and prices.

Hello and thanks for looking in here. I won't waffle on too much, I'll let the gallery pictures do the talking for me so far as the quality of my work goes. Suffice to say that I have been painting figures since I was 18 years old, and that was a very long time ago now! Over the years I have painted and sold many thousands of figures to happy wargamers and collectors. In recent years I have begun to find my skills are shown to best effect in the smaller figure scales, with 6mm being a recent favourite. While I do show a few examples of my 28mm work in the gallery pages I do not currently accept commissions in this scale although I would be willing to discuss this. I only work in the periods that I am comfortable painting, those where I feel I have a good understanding of how the finished figures should look. This does limit my potential customer base, but I would rather have a small number of satisfied customers who will come back with repeat business in the longer term. I have outlined below the scales and periods in which I am able to confidently accept commissions, together with my prices.

Current commission work:
  • 24 figure battalions of lovely old Hinton Hunt Napoleonic figures for Roy, to be used in a 'Vintage Waterloo' wargame  planned for June 2015.
  • Early Peninsular Spanish army for Tony, battalions of 23 infantry plus a mounted commander. 20mm scale figures from various makers.

 I am currently fully booked for some time ahead, but I am always happy to discuss future one off units or projects.  You can also visit my main weekly blog here:

 A figure painting therapy project.

Please contact me in the first instance at  and include as much detail as possible on your requirements, I will then send you a quote for the work.

Periods, scales and prices.
This is a guide to what I am able to offer: Please note this is only a guide, where extensive detail is required (shield designs for example) I would need to quote for this.

20mm Metal castings. - There seems to be many collectors out there who prefer the older style of 20mm figures. They have great 'old school' charm but are also very good figures. This is the largest scale I paint and only metal figures. 

20mm metal foot figure.  £2.50 -  £2.75 depending on period/detail work etc.
20mm horse and rider.    £3.75 - £4.00
20mm cannon  £3.50

6mm scale. I offer the standard of painting and basing as seen in the galleries above. For this my charges are (based on Baccus 6mm strips):

6mm foot strip (4 figures) ...................£2.00
6mm Cavalry strip (3 figures)..............£3.00
Artillery piece and 4 crew...................£3.00

15/18mm scale.- I charge slightly more for the 18mm figures by AB because they carry so much fine detail and require a special touch. I hope you will agree the cost is reasonable. Standard as shown in the 15mm Gallery (currently AWI, ACW and some Essex Napoleonics)

15mm Foot figure. (Essex, Peter Pig etc)  £2.00
18mm 'AB' figures  £3.00
15mm Mounted figures  £3.50
18mm 'AB' mounted figure  £4.00.
15mm or 18mm  Cannon  £4.00

25/28mm - prices upon request.
Basing - I can base your figures on the required mdf bases (charged at cost from ERM or supplied by the customer). For a typical base of 30 -40  x 6mm figures the cost is from just £3.00 per base. This includes a fine grit/earth flock mix, followed by static grass in patches, & drybrushed highlights to the exposed 'stones'. I prefer to use the Baccus basing kit on the smaller 6mm and 10mm scales.