6mm Napoleonic Gallery

Shots of a few of my favourite units- 6mm Baccus of course!

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2nd 'Red' Lancers of the Guard.
British Life Guards.
Vistula Lancers.
2 Battalions of Foot Guards - 5 'blocks' per battalion - powerful!
4th Swiss- rear view.
French and British artillery bases.
British Light Dragoons.
French Line lancers.
French Dragoons.
95th Rifles.
French infantry.

Command base.

Chasseur a cheval.
French Elite converged Grenadier battalion.
Battalions that fit into the palm of your hand!
No Cuirassiers fought the British in the Peninsular, but who can resist them!
Possibly one of my very favourite units.
More French infantry on the hex grid.
Early terrain work.
Finally, the very FIRST 6mm unit I painted in over 10 years!

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  1. Great stuff. Thanks for the inspiration. Just starting the Nappy 6mm saga